This renovation and minor addition at the Town of Stratford Police Facility presented a number of challenges.

The most fundamental was to create a solution to the chronic flooding of the basement level of the building. Stormwater frequently invaded the emergency medical response quarters, the police officers’ locker and fitness room, and the pistol range, compromising the Town’s ability to provide police and emergency services to the residents. This condition was resolved with a combination of foundation waterproofing, subgrade drainage lines, and well-designed pumping stations. A second challenge was to upgrade the existing pistol range to current safety and performance standards. The lead residue generated by the use of firearms requires extensive safety measures in cleaning the air so that it is safe to breather and in collecting and removing the spent ammunition. The minimum acceptable length of the range had increased since the existing pistol range was constructed, due to changes in firearm technology. Training equipment and techniques had also evolved and needed to be accommodated in the upgraded range. The set of solutions included expanding the size of the range slightly, installed sophisticated and effective ventilation and lead collection systems, and provided a secure access path and separation from the rest of the building. The third major project goal was to upgrade the booking and holding cell area. This required every aspect of the design to be carefully evaluated to ensure the safety of all parties. One cell was designed with a negative air pressure system to prevent the spread of communicable disease. All materials and surfaces were selected for durability, physical safety, and sanitation. Colors and lighting were chosen to reduce agitation and promote a sense of stability and calm. Public access to the facility was enhanced with a new handicapped accessible ramp at the front entrance, constructed of masonry to blend with the existing traditional brick building with classical detailing.