Masuk High School is a 142,000 square foot, single story building which has had quite a few additions constructed to expand the facility in response to population growth and a widening variety of programs.

O’Riordan Migani Architects assisted the Town and Board of Education with a phased sequence of renovations and maintenance work over a number of years, working with available funds and the priorities of the different tasks. Approached as facility management support, rather than stand-alone architectural assignments, OMA helped the town identify and prioritize needed capital improvements, preparing cost projections, phasing options, and implementation schedules.


A complete roof replacement project started with a detailed evaluation of the existing roofing, technical recommendations, and cost projections. This provided the Town with the planning information to set priorities, make decisions about roofing systems, plan an implementation strategy, establish a budget, and allocate funds. Two years after the study was submitted, the roof replacement was implemented. The inherent challenges included the numerous separate roof segments, the wide variety of joint and edge conditions, the short summer construction window, and the sheer size of the roof surface. OMA provided daily on-site construction observation and recording of construction progress. The completed new roof system significantly increased the insulation levels, reducing energy consumption and providing heating and cooling cost savings to the Town.

Indoor Pool

In contrast to the scale of the roof replacement project, but using the same careful approach of evaluation, recommendation, and implementation, the filter system for the high school’s indoor pool was inspected and replaced. This task had to be implemented with minimal disruption to the aquatic programs.