As the owner and manager of a 2,000 unit housing portfolio, the Housing Authority of New Haven faces the on-going challenge of cleaning, repairing, and painting vacated dwelling units so they can be reoccupied in a timely fashion.

Some of the units require minor repairs, while others have been significantly damaged by fire, water, and vandalism. Coordination with the property management arm of the organization is also important so that materials and products installed as part of a construction project are consistent with those used by maintenance staff. In order to reduce the time during which a dwelling unit is vacant and to facilitate on-going maintenance, the Authority commissioned a Master Vacancy Renovation Specification for its townhouse-type units. This document contains specific products required to be used system-wide, addresses the special requirements of the codes and standards applicable to the site and the organization, and includes procedures that contractors and vendors must follow. The electronic files are designed to be edited by in-house technical staff or out-sourced architects. A summary product list and binder of product data sheets allows property management staff to review the standard selections and provide feedback on product performance and to easily provide technical information to maintenance staff and vendors. The standard specification incorporates the need for durability, long-term performance, and green building features.