Accessible housing authority dwelling units need to comply with the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards, Federal Fair Housing Guidelines, and, if renovated, the state building code.

In Connecticut, the accessibility provisions of the state code are composed of the ICC/ANSI A117.1 with amendments. Many of the older accessible apartments do not meet all of the provisions of the applicable codes and standards and require modifications to bring them into compliance. In a series of small construction contracts, the Housing Authority of New Haven implemented handicapped accessibility upgrades at a number of dwelling units at various sites throughout the city. The types of improvements included:

  • Modifying parking spaces and access from the parking space to the housing
  • Replacing high maintenance wood ramps with 1:20 sloped walkways
  • Repair of code-compliant masonry ramps
  • Grading lawn areas to eliminate vertical drops at paving edges
  • Installing grade level patios to provide accessible outdoor space
  • Reconfiguring entry approaches and doors to provide safe, adequate maneuvering room
  • Altering interior doors to provide required maneuvering clearances
  • Installing new kitchens and bathrooms to provide compliance with all requirements
  • Reconfiguring laundry closets to allow space for accessible appliances
  • Lowering all controls and operating devices to fall within the accessible reach range
  • Replacing knob-style door hardware with lever trim